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The Ignyte Light™

The Ignyte Light™

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💡 Brighten up your surroundings with The Ignyte Light! Our very own Wireless Wood Stick Night Light! 🌙

Motion Sensor Night Light - Hand-held Portable & Magnetic Smart LED Li –  nftdcc

 Perfect Illumination, Every Time: Say goodbye to dark corners and scary moments with The Ignyte Light! With its sleek design and versatile modes, this desirable companion promises to brighten your nights like never before.

Permanent Light Mode: Never fear power failures or blackouts again! The Permanent Light Mode ensures uninterrupted brightness, providing a comforting glow when you need it most, powered by 500mAh lithium batteries for hassle-free operation.

Intelligent Induction Mode: Does it get gloomy in your home at night? No worries! Let the Ignyte Light do the work for you! With its intelligent motion sensor, it lights up automatically when it senses movement, ensuring you can navigate your home safely and effortlessly.

Battery Powered Operation: No wires, no fuss – just easy installation and hassle-free operation! Enjoy the convenience of instant illumination without the need for an electrician.

Customizable Settings: Adjust the light to suit your needs with ease! Whether you prefer a soft glow or complete darkness, the Halo Night Light offers Off Mode for energy-saving convenience, now with the added customization of The Ignyte Light stickers.

Auto Shut-Off Feature: Rest easy knowing your device is built to last! With the 15-30 second auto shut-off feature, you can conserve battery power and enjoy prolonged use without worrying about unnecessary energy drain.

 Upgrade your home decor effortlessly with The Ignyte Light LED USB Wireless Wood Stick Night Light, bringing warmth and style to every corner of your living space! Get yours today! 🏡💫

Motion Sensor Rechargeable Smart Night Light –


Material: Ash wood/walnut + plexiglass + electronic components 

Package Contents: 1 host, 1 base, 1 USB cable, 1 English manual

Light Source: LED Power: 5W Color Temperature: 2700K-3000K warm white

Lighting Delay: 15 seconds (auto mode)

Rated Voltage: DC5V 1A

Sensing Range: 5-7M in the front, 2- in the horizontal direction, and within 120° horizontally

Lighting Modes: Constant light mode + auto mode

Duration: Over 8 hours

Battery Capacity: 500mAh lithium battery

IP Rating: IP20 Product

Dimensions: Night light - 25Ă—25Ă—180MM, Base - 60Ă—60MM

Package Dimensions: 80Ă—43Ă—210MM (neutral English color box)

Product Weight: 100g (net weight)

Intelligent Induction Light – My Store

Instructions for Use:

  1. Unbox and Inspect: Carefully unbox the product and inspect all components for any damage or missing parts.

  2. Charge: Before first use, charge the night light using the provided USB cable. A full charge typically takes a few hours.

  3. Attach Base (Optional): If desired, attach the base to the night light for added stability during use

  4. Placement: Decide where you want to place The Ignyte Light. It can be placed in corridors, cabinets, wardrobes, or any other area where additional lighting is needed.

  5. Installation: Use the magnetic feature to easily install The Ignyte Light onto any magnetic surface. Alternatively, use the base for freestanding placement.

  6. Mode Selection: Use the power switch located on the bottom of The Ignyte Light to activate it and choose between permanent light mode labeled "ON" and our intelligent induction mode labeled "AUTO".

  7. Enjoyment: S it back, relax, and enjoy the warm glow and convenience provided by The Ignyte Light. Let it enhance the ambiance and functionality of your living space.

Package Includes: 1 The Ignyte Light 1 Charging Cable 1 Base

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